Dog Kennel Dispersal Auction

Tuesday November 14th 10am at 7207 Highway 309 South of Ozark, AR.

Beverly Fox of Lucky 13 Kennel has made the decision to retire from the breeding business and is liquidating her dogs that includes breeding stock and pups, equipment, medications, pens and more. Below is a partial listing of the equipment. A full listing of dogs will be coming soon.

38 coated metal cages with hard plastic floors; 12 hard plastic barrel dog houses; 3 PVC Whelping cages on wheels with coated metal and trays (4x3x2); 3 PVC Stacked cages on wheels (5x3x2); 3 hard plastic dog houses; several chain link pens and panels; several steel fans; several wooden whelping pens; various size bowls; plastic and metal feeders; a variety of pet taxi’s in different sizes ( a few still in the box); several sizes of black wire dog cages with plastic tray floors; several Lasko wind machine fans; semen bags; wire horse panels; rolled up chainlink and posts; wooden whelping pens; electric clothes dryer; square carpet pads; square plastic puppy crate pads; box full of pet beds new in the bags; new Lixit watering tips; micro chipping kits; various syringes & medications; nebulizer; adjustable grooming table; stools; tables; micro scope; Draminski Ovulation Detector; storage containers; 8’x12’ storage building; and other kennel related items.

10% Buyers Premium

Dog breeds selling include Morkies, Poodles, Maltese, Shitzu’s, French Bulldogs, Yorkies, Pugs and 2 English Bulldogs

There will be pups and breeding stock, most will have papers. More pictures & details of the dogs & pups along with online bidding instructions coming soo.

For more information or to view dogs before auction phone (479) 970-4567 or (479) 518-3737

Below is a link for a partial listing of dogs. More dogs will be added to the bidding, check back for update listing. This is not a complete listing. There will be additional dogs & pups included in the auction, some not listed.

Male French Bulldog DOB 8/5/2023 #697632

Male French Bulldog DOB 8/5/2023 #697627

French Bulldog female DOB 8/5/2023 #697637

French Bulldog female DOB 8/5/2023 #697635

Female French Bulldog DOB 8/5/2023 #697621

Male Morkie pup DOB 8/22/2023 MC# 703468

Female Morkie pup DOB 8/22/2023 MC# 703477

Female Morkie pup DOB 8/22/2023 MC# 703449

Male Yorkie pup DOB 8/22/2023

Male Yorkie APRI DOB 5/14/2018, proven aggressive breeder

Female Yorkie APRI DOB 9/7/2016, in heat, witnessed tie 9/13/2023

Female Poodle APRI DOB 1/10/2018, good mom

Male Maltese APRI DOB 2/17/2023, one testicle MC#697816

Female Poodle APRI DOB 1/17/2022, whelped 10/23/23

Female Malti/Poo, designer breed – no papers, Bred 9/23 to Maltese MC#658236

Female Shih Tzu APRI DOB 12/31/2020, whelped 10/18/2023 1 male 1 female MC#658157

Female Shih Tzu DOB 12/31/2020, heavy bred to poodle, MC#468051

Female Maltese APRI DOB 6/16/2017, heavy bred to Maltese MC# 457537

Female Yorkie APRI, DOB 1/15/2020, last whelped 6/9/2023 MC # 638128

Female Yorkie APRI, DOB 1/6/2020, last whelped 8/22 MC618355

Female Maltese DOB 4/12/2018, last whelped 9//11/2023 Morkies, good mom

Female Poodle pup APRI DOB 5/22/2023

Male Yorkie pup DOB 9/11/2023

Female Morkie pup DOB 9/12/2023 MC 703461

Male Maltese no papers DOB 9/29/2021, no papers

Male Yorkie APRI DOB 6/19/2023 MC#679894

Pug male DOB 5/15/20 APRI. MC#681229

Pug female DOB 7/15/18 APRI last whelp 1/13/23. MC# 581942 Good mom

French Bulldog male DOB 6/7/19 AKC, MC#267633

French Bulldog male DOB 5/7/21 AKC, proven free breeds MC#658277

French Bulldog female AKC, DOB 3/3/22. First litter 8/5/23 (6 pups) MC# 658227

French Bulldog male, DOB 6/20/21 – proven aggressive breeder, MC# 658280

English Bulldog AKC male born 11/16/22 brother to female below

English Bulldog female AKC DOB 11/16/2022 MC#674209 sister to male pictured above

2 year old male Australian Shepherd, proven breeder, APRI/ASDR

Female poodle APRI DOB 7/23/2021, last heat end of October, missed

Female Yorkie APRI, DOB last whelped 7/23, good momma

Male Poodle APRI, DOB 7/30/2021

Male Yorkie, APRI, DOB 2/18/2019, proven!

Yorkie Female APRI DOB 5/1/2019, last whelped 3/11/2023

Yorkie Female APRI, DOB 4/5/2017, last whelped 3/17/2022, good momma

Male Yorkie, APRI, DOB 9/17/2018, proven aggressive breeder

Female Poodle APRI DOB 5/29/2019, last whelped 10/22

Male Poodle, APRI, DOB 7/31/2017, proven aggressive breeder

Female Poodle, APRI, DOB 6/12/2020, last whelped 5/22/23, witnessed tie 10/3/2023

Female Maltese APRI DOB 10/19/2017, possibly bred, witnessed tie 8/25/2023

Female Maltese APRI DOB 1/8/2022, last whelped 8/23 good mom

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